The Adopt-the-Shoreline is a program to remove trash and debris from the shorelines, to safeguard the ecosystem and enhance to quality of life for all who use Grand Lake.This program enables participants to organize cleanups through shoreline adoption, with the assistance and resources provided by GRDA.

To assist the program, GRDA staffs its own full-time shoreline cleanup crew, complete with a barge and the equipment necessary to remove large debris from the shore.

We are seeking volunteers, homeowners, organizations and civic groups to adopt portions of the shoreline for annual cleanups. We are also seeking businesses to act as supporting members to assist volunteers with barges, loading equipment, trailers, etc. on an annual basis. Thank you for your interest in the Adopt the Shoreline Program, and we look forward to working with you in “Keepin’ it Grand”.

How To Join

If you would like to join us please start by determining which Zone (from the map below) your desired shoreline is located and complete the Membership Agreement Form. Please read the Membership Handbook for more information.  



Scott Horton
Adopt-the-Shoreline Program Coordinator

Jacklyn Jaggars
Administrative Assistant


Grand Lake has been divided into 10 zones to allow participants to choose an area of the lake they wish to focus their preservation efforts on. Click on Individual Zones for detailed maps. Contact the Zone Coordinators for more information.

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