GRDA utlizes a diverse portfolio of electric generation assets to keep rates low and reliablity high. This gas, coal, water and wind portfolio includes Oklahoma’s first hydroelectric facility; the state’s only pumped-storage project; the first M501J gas turbine deployed in the Western Hemisphere and other generation assets.

Pensacola Dam
126 MW
GRDA’s first generation facility, the Pensacola Dam was completed in 1940 and is the longest continuous multiple-arch dam in the world. The dam holds back the 46,500 surface acres of water that create Grand Lake, Oklahoma’s premier recreation destination. Pensacola Dam is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Robert S. Kerr Dam
128 MW
Sometimes referred to as the Markham Ferry Project, Kerr Dam is the second hydroelectric facility constructed by GRDA. Completed in 1964, the dam creates Lake Hudson, a 12,000-acre lake with 200 miles of scenic shoreline.

Salina Pumped Storage Project
260 MW
The Salina Pumped Storage Project (SPSP) is located on the Saline Creek Arm of Lake Hudson. The six hydroelectric turbines in the powerhouse can be reversed, to also act as pumps. In this mode, water can be moved from Saline Creek into an upper reservoir (W.R. Holway Reservoir) above the project. The first stage was completed in 1968 and the second stage completed in 1971.

Grand River Energy Center (GREC):
GREC 1 – Offline
GREC 2 – 492 MW
GREC 3 – 495 MW

GREC has been home to the GRDA coal-fired generation since the early 1980s. Unit 1 went online in 1982 and was taken out of service in 2017. Unit 2 (equipped with the state’s first Scrubber) went online in 1986.

Today, GREC is also home to the ultra-efficient Unit 3 combined cycle gas generator. Unit 3 was the first of its kind built in the western hemisphere and the most efficient 60 hertz power plant in the world when it began production in 2017.

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Redbud Power Plant 
457 MW winter/435 MW summer
In 2008, GRDA entered the natural gas generation field when it purchased a 36 percent interest in the Redbud Gas Plant.

Wind Generation
385 MW
GRDA entered the wind generation field in 2012. Today, it has power purchase agreements with four wind projects across Oklahoma.