Transmission Headquarters

Located adjacent to the MidAmerica Industrial Park, the GRDA Transmission  Headquarters is close to the bulk of GRDA’s industrial customers, thereby shortening response time. However, a skilled corps of transmission technicians are also able to provide prompt, reliable service to all reaches of the GRDA service area. To ensure prompt response to the western edge of its system, GRDA also maintains a powerline maintenance crew headquartered near Cushing, Oklahoma.

How GRDA Ensures Reliability

Southwest Power Pool (SPP): GRDA has been a member of the Southwest Power Pool since 1969. This organization, which was established in 1941, ensures the reliability of electric service to nearly seven million customers in a 500,000-square-mile region. The pool’s interconnected power grid stretches across parts of eight states including New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Members of the power pool, in times of emergency, can receive power across this grid from other power pool members. SPP is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC): In 1968, the electric utility industry formed the North American Electric Reliability Corporation to promote reliability among the bulk power suppliers of North America. NERC’s nine regional reliability councils and one affiliate encompass all the power systems of North America (United States and Canada). Because its power grid links bulk power suppliers in all parts of the United States, the Southwest Power Pool, and all its members, like GRDA, play an extremely important role in the operation of the NERC system.

Western Systems Power Pool. (WSPP): WSPP is an organization of electric utilities that have joined together to open up opportunities in the power marketing field. In August of 1995, GRDA joined WSPP to better position itself for the deregulation and open markets of the electric industries future. As a member, GRDA can make surplus power marketing transactions via computer.

Facility Interconnection Requirements

Contact Information:
Transmission Headquarters
E Hwy 69A, PO Box 1128
Pryor, OK 74362-1128

GRDA And Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is neighbors helping neighbors restore power as quickly and safely as possible in the aftermath of a disaster. Public power utilities, like GRDA, have strong emergency response processes, with coordination among federal, state and private-sector first responders. 

GRDA is proud to be a part of the Public Power Mutual Aid Playbook, developed by the American Public Power Association (APPA) to support public power utilities’ future disaster preparation and response efforts. The playbook enhances an already strong national network of mutual aid participants that stand ready to assist their fellow public power utilities.