Event Sponsorship

If you are interested in obtaining GRDA sponsorship for an event in your community, please see our guidelines.

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Book A Speaker

The GRDA Corporate Communications Department can assist with scheduling a complimentary speaker for your civic meeting, chamber meeting or school assembly. Presentations can be tailored to meet various time allotment and GRDA-related subject matter. If possible, at least two weeks is preferred for scheduling purposes. To schedule a presentation, contact us at 918-824-7812.

Guard the Grand

Guard the Grand is an educational program with the goal of fostering an ethic of environmental stewardship in Oklahomans residing in watersheds that flow into Grand Lake.

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Bringing Power and Purpose
to Our Communities

At GRDA we believe in more than just providing power; we are committed to building strong, thriving communities. Our Community Engagement initiative is at the heart of our mission to help the communities we serve as they empower not only homes and businesses but also the lives of the people who call these areas home.

Through a dynamic blend of support, outreach, and collaboration, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our customers, employees, and neighbors. This page is your gateway to discovering the myriad of ways in which we are actively engaged in your community. From supporting community enrichment efforts to promoting sustainable practices, fostering education, and being a reliable community partner, we’re dedicated to sparking positive change.

Explore our Community Engagement efforts, join us in these efforts, and be a part of the energy that’s making a real difference in the world around us.

Look no further than Main Street in GRDA customer communities to see the proof of the public power success that comes from working hard and working together. GRDA’s mission statement includes a pledge to assist in area economic development and to help communities adapt to changes in their business environments.   

As a member of 22 chambers of commerce, and local economic development associations, GRDA is active in Oklahoma communities and aware of the needs and challenges each face. Our hands-on approach creates solid relationships but also raises awareness and appreciation of the unique characteristics of each community we serve. Working side by side with city leaders and community volunteers, GRDA is proud to participate in the promotion and celebration of each.