Our Mission

We deliver affordable, reliable ELECTRICITY, with a focus on EFFICIENCY and a commitment to ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP. We are dedicated to ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, providing resources and supporting economic growth. Our EMPLOYEES are our greatest asset in meeting our mission to be an Oklahoma Agency of Excellence. 

The 5 E’s of Excellence


GRDA has proudly produced and delivered low-cost and reliable electricity since 1940, when our humble roots were planted as a small, local producer of hydroelectricity. We have since grown substantially into a major power supplier across our region. Our diverse electric generation portfolio includes gas, coal, water, and wind, allowing us to transmit electricity across a four-state region, via our sophisticated energy delivery network.


The Grand River Dam Authority’s objective is to continuously seek greater efficiency, so that we are always striving to provide the greatest benefit to our customers and stakeholders. Our agency has realized this goal in many areas across our organization, from the new ultra-efficient Unit 3 combined cycle gas generator to our improved focus on resource planning and management. Though we have substantially improved our efficiency, our goal at GRDA is to always pursue even greater measures of efficiency.

Environmental Stewardship

The insightful Oklahomans who first envisioned the Grand River Dam Authority knew that abundant and reliable electricity and miles and miles of inviting shoreline could not coexist without a commitment to first, and always, protecting the water. GRDA was created by legislation to be a “conservation and reclamation district for the waters of the Grand River,” a designation that ensured stewardship would always be an essential part of our mission.

Economic Development

Promoting economic development is central to GRDA’s overall mission. The low-cost and reliable electricity we provide is an attractive incentive for business and industry to locate and expand in our service areas. Because our focus on stewardship remains a priority, the natural resources under our control provide enhancement for quality of life as well as countless recreational opportunities.


At the Grand River Dam Authority, our employees are our greatest asset! We have a dedicated workforce of over 500 Oklahomans with the critical skills, expertise, and professionalism needed to carry out our mission. Round-the-clock, our team produces and delivers abundant, reliable electricity to our customers while also caring for the important natural resources under GRDA’s control.