Board of Directors

Michael Westbrock

Tulsa, Energy Marketing

Chairman, Appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma

Term: 12/4/20 – 8/29/25
Committees: Assets, Fuel & Long‐Range Planning

Chris Meyers

Oklahoma City, GM Okla. Assoc. of Electric Cooperatives

Chairman-Elect, Designee of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

Term: 8/29/10 – n/a
Committees: Fuel & Long ‐Range Planning

Dwayne Elam

Wagoner, City of Wagoner Administrator

Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma Designee Representing municipal customers

Term: 1/1/18 – n/a, Ex officio
Committees: Audit, Finance, Budget Policy and Compliance; Fuel & Long‐Range Planning

Paul Matthews

Edmond, Plumbing, Utilities, Real Estate

Appointed by Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore At-large director

Term: 8/30/22 – 8/29/27
Committees: Asset; Compensation & Marketing; Power Capacity Utilization Subcommittee

Charles Sublett

Tulsa, Attorney

Appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma

Term: 8/30/22 – 8/29/24
Committees: Audit, Finance, Budget Policy and Compliance

John Rupe

Tulsa, Commercial development, construction

Appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma

Term: 9/1/23 – 8/29/28
Committees: Audit, Finance, Budget, Policy, and Compliance; Compensation & Marketing

Tom Kimball

Owasso, Economic Development, Retail, Banking

Appointed by Oklahoma Speaker of the House

Term: 10/11/23 – 8/31/26
Committees: Assets, Marketing, and Compensation

GRDA is governed by a seven-member board of directors comprised of representatives from each GRDA customer class – municipals, electric cooperatives and industrials – as well as the GRDA lakes area. Senate confirmation is not required.

Two at-large representatives also sit on the board. Board members serve staggered, five-year terms, with one position opening each year, to ensure continuity.

GRDA is a policy driven organization. Directors utilize an active committee structure to make the most effective decisions and set the appropriate tone from the top.

Executive Management

Dan Sullivan

President/Chief Executive Officer

Tim Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Edwards

Executive Vice President/Chief of Law Enforcement & Lake Operations

Heath Lofton

General Counsel

Nathan Reese

Executive Vice President/External Relations

Erik Feighner

Chief Financial Officer

Laura D. Hunter

Executive Vice President/
Chief Administrative Officer

John Wiscaver

Executive Vice President/
Strategic Communications

Sheila Allen

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
Corporate Secretary

Senior Management

Tony Dionisio

Chief Information Officer

Steve Jacoby

Vice President Generation Engineering/Support

Robert Ladd

Vice President Generation Operations

Darrell Townsend, PhD

Vice President Ecosystems & Watershed Management

Jeff Tullis

Vice President T&D Engineering & Operations

Stace Kegley

Manager of Compliance

Jeff Brown

Director of Financial Compliance