Construction work to temporarily close passage area beneath Bernice Bridge

Sep 06, 2022

The ongoing construction of the new Highway 85A bridge over the Horse Creek arm of Grand Lake in Bernice has progressed to a point where temporary restrictions will be put in place to accommodate the next phase of work.

According to GRDA Police, contractors have been able to complete much of the new bridge pier installation with minimal impact to boat traffic. However, with the installation of the final pier set to begin Tuesday, September 6, the passage through the 40-foot opening under the existing bridge must be closed. This will allow contractors to install one of the final piers on the north side of that opening. However, boats will be allowed to pass at other clear locations under the bridge, assuming they are low enough to clear the low height of the bridge.

GRDA Police Officers will place restricted area buoys on both sides of the bridge, to mark the closed passage. Most boats that must use the 40-foot passage will not be able to during this phase of the project.

The temporary closure is expected to last two months. GRDA appreciates the public’s cooperation during this time.