Purchasing Rules

Vendor Bid information – If you are interested in providing a bid to GRDA on any of the products or services listed in our bid opportunities, follow the instructions in the bid and return it to the designated GRDA contact. If you are looking for a specific bid, you can search for it by typing the bid number into the search box.

Bid Opportunities



Vendor Forms:
Vendor Registration
Tax Exempt Certificate with Vendor Letter

Disclaimer – It is the responsibility of the prospective vendor to check the GRDA website regularly for bidding opportunities and any amendments or announcements that may be issued to solicitations. GRDA is not responsible for a vendor’s failure to acknowledge any aforementioned information required to be obtained in a timely manner.

Some solicitations have documents, such as blueprints, that cannot be attached to the solicitations due to confidentiality issues. It is the responsibility of the prospective vendor to read instructions in the solicitation on how to obtain these documents required to complete the solicitation response.

Solicitation means a request or invitation by GRDA for a vendor to submit a priced offer to sell acquisitions to GRDA. A solicitation (i.e. bid opportunities) may be a Request for Quote (RFQ), an Invitation to Bid (ITB), or a Request for Proposal (RFP).

An amendment to a solicitation means a written change, addition, correction, or revision to a solicitation.

An announcement includes, but not limited to, notice of award, cancellation of a solicitation, an update of a solicitation.


To ensure prompt payment, please send all invoices to:


If you have questions or comments related to the status of your account, please call 918-256-0999