GRDA Police offer winter boating reminders

Jan 27, 2020

A Saturday afternoon incident on Grand Lake is prompting the Grand River Dam Authority Police Department to remind the public of important winter boating safety measures.

While trying to load a boat onto a trailer at the Twin Bridges State Park ramp on Grand Lake, an individual lost control of the boat, which ended up going in circles in the water, near the ramp. When he jumped in the water to retrieve the boat, it struck him, fortunately causing no major injuries. Eventually, he was able to point the boat towards shore and rode along until it grounded there. He was later admitted to a Joplin hospital for evaluation. According to GRDA Police, he was not wearing a life jacket.

The GRDA Police Department, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Oklahoma State Park Rangers responded to the incident.

Fortunately, no lives were lost in the incident. However, it does serve as a reminder of the important extra precautions boaters should take in the winter months. Some of those are as follows:

By taking proper winter-time precautions, wearing proper gear and practicing the common sense boating safety tips that are applicable year-round, boaters can still enjoy the waters of Grand and Hudson lakes no matter what the calendar is showing.


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