Notice To The Public

Mar 23, 2023

Please take notice that The Grand River Dam Authority has received an application for a private dock requiring directional bearing. Such directional bearing relates to a dock application for a private dock which if approved shall extend 70 feet across a cove, which measures 53 feet across from 745 feet mean sea level to 745 feet mean sea level on the nearest opposite shoreline.


Applicant:          Michael & Lisa Bond

Location:            Osage Hollow

Lake Address: 62600 E 210 Rd., Fairland, OK

Legal Description:Township 26N, Range 24E, Section 29

Project:                    Private Dock


If you would like to request additional information, please address your request to the Grand River Dam Authority, P. O. Box 70, Langley, OK 74350 or call (918) 610-9688