Our employees are our greatest asset

Aug 31, 2021

Heroes Work Here … A “Heroes Work Here” banner hangs from the fence at the entrance to GRDA’s Grand River Energy Center. As Labor Day 2021 approaches, GRDA is recognizing the efforts of its Team GRDA workforce.

Power for Progress… a weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority.

In honor of the upcoming Labor Day holiday, the Grand River Dam Authority once again recognizes its workforce: 500-plus Oklahomans producing the “power for progress” that makes GRDA a low-cost, reliable electricity supplier, good steward of the natural resources under its control and an economic development engine for all of Oklahoma!

 The Grand River Dam Authority’s most powerful asset — its workforce — is comprised of approximately 500-plus Oklahomans who put their skill, dedication, and expertise to work every day to meet the GRDA mission. Round-the-clock, these employees complete the tasks that al­low GRDA to continue its roles as Oklahoma’s low-cost, reliable electric­ity supplier, economic engine for the state and good steward of the natural resources under its control.

GRDA jobs are diverse, ranging from electrical engineering, ecosystems management and safety, to financial planning, powerline maintenance and law enforcement, with plenty of other disciplines as well. Thousands of Oklahomans depend on this workforce to help power the state, keep us safe and support recreational opportunities.

Sometimes, Team GRDA’s efforts reach far from Oklahoma. Even today, GRDA has personnel helping our neighbors in Louisiana recover from Hurricane Ida.

While it is hard to gauge the total economic impact of the workforce in the state, the attractive, stable jobs at GRDA do account for a to­tal annual payroll of approximate­ly $34 million. Those dollars are circulated throughout the state’s economy, in the communities where the 500-member workforce lives, works, and plays. Many of those communities are in rural ar­eas where stable employment is critical to economic health.

As we celebrate Labor Day 2021, we recognize the men and women of Team GRDA.

GRDA is Oklahoma’s largest public power utility; fully funded by revenues from electric and water sales instead of taxes. Each day, GRDA strives to be an “Oklahoma agency of excellence” by focusing on the 5 E’s: electricity, economic development, environmental stewardship, employees, and efficiency. Our employees are our greatest asset in meeting our mission to be an Oklahoma Agency of Excellence.