Power For Progress Column August 19, 2019

Aug 21, 2019

Supporting powerful education opportunities

As the summer winds down and students, teachers and administrators return to classrooms all across the region, the Grand River Dam Authority will also be gearing up for another school year.

In fact, a new academic calendar means new opportunities for the Authority to continue support of Oklahoma students at all levels of education. Through classroom visits, field trips and even internship programs, GRDA is able to provide up-close lessons on hydroelectricity, electric safety, ecosystems management and other topics.

Of course, with the word “education” already in its title, the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center, located adjacent to historic Pensacola Dam in Langley, is a valuable resource for the organization’s support of students. Not only is it the origination point for GRDA’s free, educational tours of historic Pensacola Dam but it has also played host to educational programs and field trips, where students have learned more about hydroelectricity, lake and water safety, and even water quality and ecosystems management.

Meanwhile, GRDA continues to be an active participant in programs such as “Third Graders Go to Work.” Through this program, elementary students learn what it’s like to be part of the workforce while spending the day at participating businesses. When they come to GRDA, students take part in mock job interviews, learn about hydroelectricity production and electric safety and hear from GRDA employees in various departments.

Back in the classroom, the GRDA “Electric Express” has been making appearances in area schools for over a decade. A program designed to teach students about the basics of electricity and electricity safety, the “Express” can be modified to fit different age groups, from elementary to junior high.

Together, all these education efforts help GRDA fulfill an important part of its mission to be a resource for the communities it affects, and the people of the state of Oklahoma.

Remember, many schools are already back in session, so your friends at GRDA once again remind you to please drive safely.

Headquartered in Vinita, GRDA is Oklahoma’s state-owned electric utility; fully funded by revenues from electric and water sales instead of taxes. Each day, GRDA strives to be an “Oklahoma agency of excellence” by focusing on the 5 E’s: electricity, economic development, environmental stewardship, employees and efficiency.

Photo Caption Information: Educational efforts … GRDA Community Relations Police Officer Ed Ferguson talks to students during a recent “Third Graders Go To Work” event at GRDA. GRDA’s involvement in this program, and others throughout the school year, are key ways in which it supports education in Oklahoma.

Justin Alberty
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Grand River Dam Authority
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