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Hunting on GRDA Property

GRDA and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation jointly manage two Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) on the Neosho River and two WMAs on the Spring River.

North of Twin Bridges, GRDA has specific locations where public hunting is allowed.

Georeferenced WMA maps:

  • Connors Bridge
  • Mallard Point
  • Todd Lake
  • West Spring

Neosho Bottoms Draw Hunt Information:

Neosho Bottoms is a restricted public use area in Ottawa County where GRDA conducts watershed research in association with multiple regional universities and has an educational/research agreement with NEO A&M. 

Public access to this land is allowed on a limited basis through a draw hunt process for deer, waterfowl, and turkey hunting. 

The primary applicant can add up to three other people on their application for a total of up to four hunters. While the hunts are open to the public, GRDA also asks that residents of its municipal customer or public power communities upload a copy of a utility bill as proof of residence for consideration for special opening day hunts. Online applications will be accepted for deer and waterfowl from June 1-July 31.

Those drawn for the deer/waterfowl hunts will be notified via email by Labor Day weekend. Online applications for turkey will be accepted from October 1-31. Those drawn for the turkey hunt will be notified via email by January 1.

GRDA also allows Paralyzed Veterans of America exclusive access to about 1,000 acres for recreational opportunities. 

For more information about Neosho Bottoms contact Aaron Roper at (918) 323-6234.

General Hunting Regulations (from GRDA Lake Rules and Regulations):

300:35-3-1. Free access The public shall have free access to the waters of the lakes and no charges shall be made to the public for the right to engage in hunting, fishing, swimming or non-commercial boating. The public shall comply with all state hunting and/or fishing laws and rules.

300:35-3-9. Fishing and hunting (a) Fishing or hunting within restricted areas will not be permitted. (b) Fishing or hunting will not be permitted within two hundred (200) feet of the tailraces below the dams. (c) Fishing or hunting, except commercial bait operators, will not be permitted at such other points on or about the lakes where such use will unduly interfere with navigation or proper conduct of the business of GRDA or endanger the public. (d) Fishing and hunting in the Neosho Bottoms will only be allowed when properly permitted by GRDA. All permitted individuals shall have a proper hunting license in accordance with Oklahoma law and shall only use shotguns, primitive firearms, or proper archery equipment. No rifles shall be allowed within the Neosho Bottoms. Additionally, removal of trees or shrubs of any kind from GRDA land shall not be allowed for use as ground blinds. (e) No hunting shall be allowed on GRDA lands used in the generation, delivery or transmission of electricity.

300:35-3-10. Firearms (a) Only shotguns, primitive firearms, and legal archery equipment are allowed on GRDA property. (b) All hunting on any GRDA property shall be conducted in accordance with Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation regulations and all state and federal firearm laws. (c) The discharge of any firearms or archery equipment in, over or across the waters of the lakes is expressly prohibited except as regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. In no event shall the use of firearms or archery equipment be conducted in a manner which interferes with the business of GRDA’s projects or endangers the public.

(d) Persons properly licensed to carry concealed weapons may do so only in accordance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma. (e) Hunting on any GRDA lands below Twin Bridges is limited to shotguns with steel shot only and proper archery equipment.


Where to buy fishing/hunting licenses?

Fishing and hunting licenses can be purchased at Wal-Mart. They can also be purchased online from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.