Safe boating in every season

Sep 09, 2020

Coming soon to a shoreline near you … In a few weeks, colorful foliage will likely surround the lake shore and many will take advantage of the spectacular fall boating season. If that is your plan, GRDA reminds you that boating safety is always in season.

Power for Progress… a weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority.

Now that the 2020 Labor Day holiday has passed and what is traditionally considered the busiest part of the lake and river season is winding down, the Grand River Dam Authority is looking back on another busy summer across Grand Lake, Lake Hudson and the Illinois River.

While every boating season is unique in its own way, the GRDA Police Department shares the same important water safety message every season: boat (and float) safe, smart and sober. Promoting life jacket safety, offering courses in boater safety education (free of charge) and maintaining a presence on the waters to help ensure safe outings are some of the key ways this message is shared. All of these are critical parts of a greater GRDA effort to be a good steward of the natural resources under its control while remaining committed to environmental stewardship.

Safe boating really only happens when visitors take the safety message to heart and GRDA is grateful for those who wear their life jackets, obey the boating rules and regulations, boat sober and use common sense on the water. While our officers will always be there to lend a helping hand and promote safety, every boater can be a good example for others. In fact, something as simple as wearing your life jacket – at all times on the water – can be a great way to set an example for the younger generation. It is never too early to learn and embrace water safety lessons.

Finally, if you are among the many lake or river visitors that also think the fall season is a great time to visit the water, please make sure you continue to always boat and float smart, safe and sober. Boating safety is always in season.

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