Still boating and floating? Keep these seasonal safety tips in mind

Nov 03, 2021

A colorful time for lake cruising … A few weeks ago, GRDA offered some tips for those who are ready to winterize their boats for the season. However, for those who are still planning to hit the water in the fall season, here are some important seasonal boating tips.

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Ask around and you may find that many water enthusiasts across the area are convinced that the best boating and floating weather of all takes place on beautiful fall days in Oklahoma, when the fall foliage is just as brilliant as the summer foliage. All around the shores of Grand Lake, Lake Hudson, and the Illinois River, that foliage puts on a brilliant show of color this time of year.

So, if your upcoming weekend plans still include some time on the water, remember that fall also means shorter days and cooler temperatures. But, with a little preparation, you can still have an enjoyable trip this time of year. Here are a few safety tips to remember:

GRDA encourages you to enjoy the beautiful waters in all seasons but also keep these safety tips in mind. As always, remember to boat and float safe, smart, and sober.

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