GRDA Ecosystems Explorations annual report now available

Mar 15, 2023

The cover of the GRDA Ecosystems and Watershed Management Department’s 2022 annual review – Ecosystems Explorations. The publication is available to the public.

The Grand River Dam Authority Ecosystems and Watershed Management Department’s 2022 annual review – Ecosystems Explorations – is now available, both online and in hard copy format. The publication highlights the department’s 2022 programs, projects, and research, as well as collaborative research efforts with university partners.

GRDA established its ecosystems and watershed management department in 2004 to bring a greater focus to lake management issues. In 2010, that effort was further expanded when GRDA opened its water quality research laboratory inside its Ecosystems and Education Center (Langley). Today, the GRDA stewardship mission encompasses over 70,000 surface acres of lake waters in the Grand River Watershed, including Grand Lake, Lake Hudson, and the W.R. Holway Reservoir. In 2016, it also expanded to include the Illinois River Watershed when GRDA absorbed the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission.

In addition to operating its own research laboratory, staffed by GRDA scientists, the department has established research partnerships with University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Rogers State University, and Northeastern State University. These partnership help address watershed issues, promote recreational opportunities, and support GRDA’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licenses.

“The work showcased in this year’s publication, as well as past volumes of Ecosystems Explorations demonstrates GRDA’s commitment to being good stewards of our natural resources,” said GRDA Biologist Dustin Browning. “For over a decade, the work that we have done alongside our federal, state, and university partners has guided our conservation efforts throughout our rivers, streams, and watersheds.”

Copies of Ecosystems Explorations are available to the public at no charge at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley. The document is also available for digital viewing under the Ecosystems and Watershed Management section of GRDA’s website,

For more information, visit the Environmental Stewardship section of the website or contact the department at (918) 981-8473.