Grand River Dam Authority shares boating safety tips and outlines social distancing protocol

Apr 27, 2020

GRDA Police are enforcing COVID-19 executive order.

The Grand River Dam Authority is reminding the public that social distancing guidelines, set forth in Gov. Kevin Stitt’s “Safer At Home” executive order, also apply on the waters of Grand Lake, Lake Hudson and the Illinois River.

“Public access areas around GRDA’s lakes and along the Illinois River do remain open. We are already experiencing a more active season than normal on our lakes and the river,” said GRDA Chief of Law Enforcement Brian Edwards. “We expect and will enforce the public distancing practices during this time.”

As the upcoming lake season approaches, GRDA police officers are prepared to enforce this order as they patrol the waters. Enforcement will include asking owners to maintain distance between individual boats on the water as well as monitoring docks, boat ramps and shore lines.

“As an Oklahoma state agency and in the interest of public safety, we are prepared to monitor and respond,” said Edwards. “Our desire is that the public continues to cooperate and limit their gatherings, both on the water or the shore. Our first priority is to help educate lake visitors and promote safe outings.”

Wearing a life jacket, using common sense on the water, and abstaining from alcohol while boating are other points the GRDA Police Department stresses for visitors at all times. Additionally, boat and personal water craft operators should inventory required safety equipment before deploying on the water. “The waters are open and we encourage the public to visit, as long as they are following these current social distancing guidelines,” said GRDA Chief Executive Officer Dan Sullivan. “And always, please boat safe, smart and sober.”

GRDA recommends boaters are informed of the following guidelines and rules for watercraft safety:

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