GRDA advises Lake Hudson boaters to stay well clear of Kerr Dam

May 28, 2019

Grand River Dam Authority News Release

For immediate release: 5/23/19

Due to broken buoy cable …
GRDA advises Lake Hudson boaters to stay well clear of Kerr Dam

Locust Grove – The Grand River Dam Authority is reporting that the cable which holds the warning buoys in place across the floodgates at Robert S. Kerr Dam (Lake Hudson) near Locust Grove broke Thursday morning (May 23).

Due to this, it is critically important that any watercraft that might be on the Lake Hudson stay well clear of Robert S. Kerr Dam and that area of Lake Hudson.

Heavy inflows into the lake, combined with a current discharge rate of nearly 189,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water through the dam, are creating a dangerous high flow rate of water in the lake, especially in areas near the dam. With any mechanical failure of a watercraft in the area near the dam, the current will pull a craft through the open gates.

Even at times of normal lake conditions, it is important to always keep your watercraft at a safe distance from all hydroelectric facilities. Be mindful of buoys, signs and sirens which are in place to help keep you safe by restricting access to certain areas and warning you when floodgate or generation operations may be occurring. For the latest information on floodgate operations and lake conditions on GRDA’s Grand and Hudson lakes, follow GRDA’s Facebook page or visit If you have an emergency on the water, call 911. The GRDA Police Department’s non-emergency number is (918) 256 0911.

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