GRDA Police urge extra caution for boaters near Kerr Dam

May 09, 2022

The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department is reporting that the cable holding warning buoys across the floodgate openings at Robert S. Kerr Dam is currently broken.

Due to this, GRDA police is saying it is critically important that any watercraft on Lake Hudson stay well clear of the dam and that area of the lake. With floodgates currently open at the dam, there is a high flow rate of water in the area.

“We always stress to boaters to stay well clear of open floodgate areas on our dams,” said GRDA Spokesperson Justin Alberty. “However, with the buoy line currently broken, we cannot stress that message enough for boaters.”

Even at times of normal lake conditions, GRDA police says it is important to always keep your boats or other watercraft at a safe distance from all hydroelectric facilities. Signs and sirens are in place to help keep people safe by restricting access to certain areas.

If you have an emergency on the water, call 911. The GRDA Police Department’s non-emergency number is (918) 256 0911.