GRDA Statement on Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) Level 3 Declaration

Feb 15, 2021

This morning the Grand River Dam Authority received notification that the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the electric balancing market for a 17-state region, would be declaring an Energy Emergency Alert Level 3, effective immediately.

Under the EEA Level 3 declaration, SPP must utilize operating reserves below the required minimum or ask its member utilities to implement controlled service interruptions. Alert Level 3 is the highest alert level that SPP uses in a situation of energy shortage.

GRDA anticipates that it may be forced into a load shed scenario at the request of SPP in order to balance generation and load, and maintain system stability, across the region. Not all GRDA customers will be affected at one time, but on a rotational basis this action may negatively impact power delivery to some GRDA customers, resulting in a controlled interruption of service that may persist for an hour or longer.

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Link to SPP information: