Temporary navigation controls for Aug. 1 Duck Creek event

Jul 29, 2020

The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department will be implementing temporary navigation controls in the Duck Creek arm of Grand Lake on Saturday, August 1 for a special event. The Harbors View Raft Out on-water concert will be held from 1 to 5 PM in front of the Harbors View Marina, on the north end of Duck Creek.  The temporary navigation controls will be in place in order to allow spectators to anchor in the center of the channel during the event.

Two-way boat traffic will be allowed to pass on both sides of the Duck Creek channel around the event area. Two-way traffic will be allowed on the west side of the channel to allow those vessels that want to go north past the event through “The Turn” on the west side of the Duck Creek channel. Vessels that want to enter or leave the area on the east side of Harbors View Marina may do so on the east side of the Duck Creek channel.

GRDA Police will be enforcing a No Wake restriction in that area during the event. Boat operators should adhere to special event No Wake buoys and watch for directions provided by officers.

Event Staff will be present to assist boaters that want to anchor in the spectator area in the center of the channel for the event. While mooring buoys will be provided to assist boaters with anchoring, boaters are reminded that it is unlawful to tie up to a navigation buoy to anchor.  Boaters should also maintain at least 75 feet of space between rafting lines in order to ensure access by emergency personnel.