GRDA Police offer floating tips for Memorial Day weekend visitors

May 24, 2021

Memorial Day on the river … Headed to the scenic Illinois River to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday? The GRDA Police Department reminds you to Float Safe, Float Smart and Float Sober. GRDA Police are also passing along some DOs and DON’Ts to help promote safe outings.

The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department wants to remind those heading to the scenic Illinois River for the Memorial Day holiday of some important information that can help promote a safe time on the water.

Everyone is encouraged to come out and have a great time, but it is important to remember that enjoyable outings always start with floating safe, smart, and sober.

GRDA Police are sharing the following “Do’s and Don’ts” to keep in mind while you enjoy the scenic Illinois River.

For more information, contact the GRDA Scenic River Operations office at 918-456-3251. The office is located at 15971 N. Highway 10 in Tahlequah. For an emergency on the water, please call 911. The GRDA Police Department’s non-emergency number is 918-256-0911.