GRDA Safety Department

Jun 03, 2020

Meeting critical needs safely … Signage like this, recently installed at GRDA facilities by the Safety Department, helps to remind employees why working safely is so important to GRDA’s overall mission.

With a combined 60+ years of experience in industrial safety roles, the members of the Grand River Dam Authority Safety Department have a lot of experience when it comes to helping keep Team GRDA safe on the job.

And that’s important because Team GRDA employees work in a variety of environments to ensure that electricity is produced and delivered round-the-clock, while also caring for the natural resources under GRDA’s control and helping to promote economic development across the state. Of course, the goal is to always do it as efficiently – and safely – as possible.

To help in this effort, the GRDA Safety Department’s primary focus is to develop relationships with all teams across all locations. This helps the department understand and evaluate the risks at all levels and helps to create and promote an atmosphere by which all GRDA employees work as safely as possible in their given area.

Among other projects, the department is currently working to develop new safety training opportunities for employees. With the last five years of accident data as a guide, the team was able to build a training plan that will help prevent similar accidents in the future. This proactive approach is designed to have an immediate, positive, impact on the safety performance of Team GRDA.

As that takes place, it also serves to enhance GRDA’s overall mission of electricity production, environmental stewardship, economic development and efficiency … all guided by employees who know that safety is priority number one in the workplace.

GRDA is Oklahoma’s state-owned electric utility; fully funded by revenues from electric and water sales instead of taxes. Each day, GRDA strives to be an “Oklahoma agency of excellence” by focusing on the 5 E’s: electricity, economic development, environmental stewardship, employees and efficiency.