Heading to the water? Wear your life jacket.

Jun 13, 2022

Power for Progress… a weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority.

Wear it … Heading out to the water with your children? Wear your own life jacket to set a positive example for them and to promote safe, fun outings.

With over 70,000 surface acres of Grand Lake and Hudson Lake waters and the scenic Illinois River under its control, the Grand River Dam Authority’s commitment to stewardship of Oklahoma’s natural resources and popular recreational areas is broad. Whether you are sailing on the wide-open waters of Grand, fishing in a quiet Hudson cove or floating down the scenic Illinois River on a summer afternoon, GRDA is committed to keeping you safe and protecting these waters for future generations.

The GRDA Police Department’s “boat safe, smart and sober” message is shared year-round through programs like the Kyle Williams Boater Safety Courses (offered free by GRDA), community outreach events, the “I Got Caught” lifejacket campaign, and other efforts to remind lake and river enthusiasts of the importance of life jacket usage and common sense on the water. At all ages, it is important to be educated about proper life jacket fit and usage and events like these are a good way to introduce young children to the important of life-long water safety practices. It is also a good opportunity for GRDA Officers to interact with students in a fun environment.

However, while GRDA is always reaching out to the younger generation to promote life jacket usage, the very best way to reinforce the message is for adult boaters to set an example. Heading out to the water with your children? Wear your own life jacket so they can see just how important they are. It is a great way to boat smart and safe. As the 2022 summer season gets underway, now is a great time to commit to wearing your life jacket on the water.

Safe boating is a message the GRDA Police will always be sharing because it will always be important. If you have questions about life jackets, boating safety or lake rules and regulations, you can contact GRDA Police at (918) 256-0911, or visit online at

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