Off-road information

Mar 02, 2021

Power for Progress… a weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority.

As the calendar has changed to March and more and more people are turning their attention to outdoors activities both on the water and around the shore, many are setting their sights on the off-road area below the Pensacola Dam spillways.

While GRDA encourages off-road enthusiasts to enjoy the trails, hills and rock formations that are open to the public for off-road enjoyment, there are regulations in place to help ensure the enjoyment and safety of all visitors. To view those regulations online, along with a map of the trails area, visit the GRDA Police page on The page also includes other helpful information for those planning a trip to the lake area.

One important reminder for off-road visitors is that a portion of the trails area is currently closed to help protect an established eagle’s nest. Back in January, GRDA announced this closure after new activity was discovered in the nest. The restricted area is centered approximately three-quarters of a mile south of the main spillway and is marked by signage, advising the public of the nest and that disturbing it is a violation of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

As outlined in the regulations, other restricted areas include immediately below the dam and spillways, areas covered by rip-rap and areas marked by signs and barricades. However, there is still plenty of room for all off-roading enthusiasts to enjoy this popular destination.

When you visit, GRDA encourages you to keep this information in mind, play safe and enjoy your trip.

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Off-road information … Planning a trip to the trails area below Pensacola Dam? This week, GRDA offers some important information to keep in mind, including information on accessing the trails map and regulations online.